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A Competitive Advantage Through Innovation (white paper) Download
A Study of the Effect of Weld Parameters on Strengths of Clearwelded Plastics (white paper) Download
Achievable Weld Strengths Using the Clearweld Process (white paper) Download
Achieveable Weld Strengths for Various Thermoplastics Using the Clearweld Process (white paper) Download
Advantages in Design by Laser Welding of Co-extruded TPEs Download
Clearweld Process Guidelines for Producing Seams in Fabrics and Laminates Download
Clearweld Resins: Alternative Options for TTIR Clearwelds (white paper) Download
Clearweld: Welding of Clear, Coloured and Opaque Thermoplastics (white paper) Download
Design of Experiment to Optimize Absorber in Resin Welding Parameters Download
Developing Cost Effective Welding Parameters Download
Evaluating Quasi-Simultaneous and Contour Welding for Use With the Clearweld Process (white paper) Download
Laser Welding of Co-Extruded Tubing Download
Laser Welding of Fabrics Using Infrared Absorbing Dyes (white paper) Download
Measurement of Residual Stresses in Clearwelds Using Photoelasticity (white paper) Download
The Effect of Diode Laser Wavelength on the Clearweld Welding Process (white paper) Download
The Use of Fiber lasers for Welding polymers (white paper) Download
Use of Infrared Absorbers to Laser Weld Plastics Download
Use of Laser Welding to Reduce Costs and Standardise Assembly Procedures Download
Utilizing the Clearweld Process for Medical Applications (white papers) Download
Welding of Infrared Transmissive Thermoplastic Polymers Using Diode Laser Systems (white paper) Download