Clearweld has provided you with the documents you will need to further understand how Clearweld can be used with infrared (IR) and near infrared (NIR) laser welding systems to laser weld infrared transparent plastic materials. Using the search function, you can select general topics such as guide, white paper or general information. To further refine what you are looking for, add tags such as laser welding parameters or technical data sheet.

Medical Biocompatibility Testing 900 Series
1 file(s) 513 downloads
Guide Biocompatibility, LD 900 Series, Medical
Clearweld Resin Product Guide
1 file(s) 71 downloads
Guide Resin
Welding and Coating Recommendations for the Clearweld Process
1 file(s) 576 downloads
Guide Coating, Laser Parameters
User’s Guide for Clearweld/EFD Dispensing Kits
1 file(s) 167 downloads
Guide Dispensing, EFD
The Clearweld Process for Plastics’ Manufacture
1 file(s) 57 downloads
Guide Laser Welding Parameters, Resin, Solution
Medical Biocompatibility Testing 100 Series
1 file(s) 289 downloads
Guide Biocompatibility, LD 100 Series, Medical
Laser Welding of Thermoplastic Textiles
1 file(s) 37 downloads
Guide Solution, Textiles
Guidelines for Using Clearweld Coatings
1 file(s) 494 downloads
Guide Coating, Laser Welding Parameters, Marker, Solution
EFD Automated Dispensing Systems for the Clearweld® Process
1 file(s) 40 downloads
Guide Dispensing, EFD, Solution
Dispensing Methodology Selection Guide
1 file(s) 99 downloads
Guide Coatings
Consistent, precise 781S spray valve systems
1 file(s) 60 downloads
Guide Dispensing, EFD
Clearweld Weldable Resins Guide
1 file(s) 358 downloads
Guide Resin
Clearweld Process Guidelines for Producing Seams in Fabrics and Laminates
1 file(s) 578 downloads
Guide Laser Welding Parameters, Textiles
Clearweld Polymer Compatability Chart
1 file(s) 93 downloads
Guide Polymer Compatability
Clearweld Laser Welding Solutions TDS
1 file(s) 579 downloads
Guide Coatings, Technical Datasheet
Clearweld Coatings and Dispensing Guide
1 file(s) 76 downloads
Guide Coating, Dispensing
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