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Clearweld Concept

The Clearweld process offers all the advantages of conventional laser welding without the use of opaque materials. You can use it to join a wide range of rigid and flexible plastics, both clear and colored. Ideal for plastic manufacturing and assembling processes of electronic, medical, automotive and consumer products as well as packaging and textiles, the process uses near-infrared-absorbing welding materials to convert laser energy into heat. These materials can either be applied as coatings or incorporated into the resins used to mold the parts. By absorbing the light, they act as a focal point for the Nd:YAG or diode laser, which results in heating of the substrates to produce an instant, high-quality weld.

The Clearweld laser welding technology has distinct advantages over conventional plastics joining methods and processes, including:
  • High weld speeds
  • Clean, optically clear joints
  • Bond strengths comparable or superior to other joining techniques
  • Elimination of visible markings and weld flash
  • Controlled localized heating for reduced risk of thermal distortion or damage
  • Ability to weld clear or colored plastic materials (provided one or both have some transmission at the wavelength of the laser)
  • No vibration or particulates
  • Accurate control of weld position and dimensions
  • Rapid changeover to different products
  • 3-D joint lines possible
  • Multiple layers can be welded simultaneously
  • Precise control of plastic manufacturing process parameters

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