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Plastic Joining Applications

Clearweld offers product designers and engineers unlimited applications in a variety of industries - automotive, electronics, medical products, plastic packaging, textiles, consumer goods and others using plastics to manufacture sophisticated aesthetic products, complex components or medical-grade parts.

Clearweld's patented technology using near infra-red absorbing coatings and custom compounded resins provides the ability to precisely laser weld clear or colored and multi-layer or complex-geometric plastic materials.

If you are seeking to join almost any thermoplastic molded part, sheet, film or fabric, Clearweld provides a plastic laser welding technology engineered to circumvent the design and manufacturing issues arising from today's traditional polymer joining methods - ultrasonic welding, hot plate welding, spin welding, adhesives, epoxies and solvent bonds.

Learn more about Clearweld's wide range of applications in a variety of markets, including automotive, electronics, medical products, plastic packaging, textiles and consumer goods. Today's applications include cosmetic plastic packaging, medical plastic parts, tubing and devices and more!

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