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Plastic Joining Applications

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Clearweld can be used with synthetic textiles for stitchless, water-resistant seams without the need for secondary sealing. Fabric integrity is assured by localizing melting to the seam interface.

The revolutionary, new textile joining technique offers:

  • Seam strengths comparable to other joining techniques
  • Colors not affected
  • Retention of external appearance
  • Automated production/manufacturing
  • Simultaneous multi-layer welds of thermoplastics

Unprecedented applications, color & design flexibility:

  • Airbags
  • Protective clothing and footwear with sealed seams
  • Foam-backed aerospace, automotive & home upholstery
  • Inflatable structures, flotation crafts and more!

Data Sheet

Laser Welding of Thermoplastic Textiles | 124 KB PDF


Laser Seaming of Fabric | 172 KB PDF