Clearweld Today

Our primary Clearweld manufacturing site is Binghamton, in Upstate New York, USA, by Crysta-Lyn Chemical Company. Crysta-Lyn Chemical Company acquired the exclusive license to manufacture and distribute Clearweld products from Gentex, a privately owned technology company, in 2011.

Crysta-Lyn was founded in 1992 as a specialty chemical manufacturer, dedicated to the development, synthesis, and production of high value specialty organic ultraviolet, visible and near infrared absorbing materials for the conventional and electronic imaging industries. Crysta-Lyn is a US based company with the commitment to produce the highest quality Clearweld product while offering individual services geared toward each customer. We utilize a full suite of analytical quality controls: UV/Vis/NIR spectroscopy, FTIR, HPLC, wettability, thermal studies and structural determination.  These tests are completed before any product is shipped.


The History of Clearweld

The Clearweld process was developed in 1998 by TWI, Ltd., a U.K.-based industrial research and development organization focused on welding. TWI began working with Gentex Corporation to identify and develop near IR absorbing materials to enable the Clearweld process.

TWI subsequently granted exclusive commercialization rights for Clearweld technology to Gentex. Gentex continued to develop intellectual property and materials technologies to further refine and advance this new technology.

Clearweld Moving Forward

After acquiring the exclusive rights to product Clearweld, Crysta-Lyn Chemical Company has developed the 900 series of Clearweld that utilizes a more robust and versatile absorber. Crysta-Lyn is dedicated to bringing new Clearweld products, such as inks and resins with Clearweld added. Crysta-Lyn is in the process of developing a screen printable ink and a pad printable ink. Crysta-Lyn has also developed products that work alongside the Clearweld and laser welding technologies, such as Black IR transparent inks and resin formulations. Crysta-Lyn is working with REA Jet to develop an ink jet Clearweld formulation.

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