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About Clearweld – Plastics Laser Welding Technology

Clearweld is a patented plastics laser welding technology that offers product designers and engineers unprecedented design and color flexibility, product performance, and cost-effective manufacturing solutions.

Clearweld's specialized and precise joining method for colored or clear plastics offers superior engineering advantages compared to today's adhesive and solvent bonding, and ultrasonic, vibration and hot-plate welding methods. No particulates, no vibration or surface marring, strong, hermetic welds, color flexibility, complex geometry capabilities, and high speed welds are just a few benefits of implementing Clearweld for the laser welding of linear or three-dimensional plastic components, parts and products.

Medical, automotive, electronics, packaging, textile, and consumer goods industries are discovering rapid, precision plastic laser welding solutions using Clearweld's near infra-red absorbing coatings, custom compounded resins or resin additives, in combination with proven laser welding and dispensing equipment.
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The Patented Clearweld Process

Clearweld employs a variety of plastics laser welding methods with the appropriate coating or resin to join two, transparent plastic pieces. Product design and manufacturing requirements determine the ideal welding method — contour, scan, curtain or simultaneous.
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Introducing Clearweld 900 Series:  New Clearweld Coatings at 50% to 75% Less Than Original Cost for 940-980nm lasers.Clearweld 900 Series were originally developed for industrial use in 2013, to provide the same clean, clear welds as the original Clearweld 100 and 200 Series coatings, at a lower cost for large-scale commodity applications.  NAMSA tests completed in February 2014 show negative results for cytotoxicity, making Clearweld 900 Series coatings now available for biomedical and food-related applications. Although the Clearweld medium provides a clean weld, all medical devices must be tested in whole for FDA approval.

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Introducing Clearweld Inks: Clearweld Absorbers are Now Available in Inks for Pad Printing Applications. 

This medium is currently available as a custom product.  Contact us for more information.

Crysta-lyn Chemical Company Becomes Exclusive Clearweld Licensee September 1, 2011

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World-wide Implementation 

Clearweld works with a number of companies worldwide which provide equipment, resources and support to implement the plastic laser welding process.
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