What is Clearweld?

Clearweld is an additive material that allows near infrared (NIR) laser welding of infrared (IR) transparent plastics. Clearweld can be supplied as a solution for coatings or an additive powder for compounding with resins.

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Feature & Advantages

Clearweld laser welding technology has distinct advantages over conventional joining processes ideal for plastic manufacturing and assembling processes.

Clearweld offers product designers and engineers unprecedented design and color flexibility, product performance, and cost-effective manufacturing solutions. Try Clearweld today, contact us for more information on how Clearweld can work in your system!

Clearweld laser welding offers a clear weld that is as strong or stronger than the base resin. The welding process does not use vibration or contain particulates,  which ensures your product is not damaged during welding. The welding is versatile: Clearweld can weld using butt, edge, lap and tee joints. Since Clearweld uses a laser source, the energy consumption is much lower than a standard thermal based approach. Clearweld works with 900 – 1100 nm laser systems.

Clearweld near infrared laser welding solutions in the 900 series


Clearweld coatings are applied to part surfaces to allow laser welding of plastic parts.

Clearweld additive compounded with plastic resin for injection molding of parts used with near infrared transmission laser welding


Clearweld additive compounded into resins, contain the absorber by itself or in combination with colorants.


Our Products

Clearweld can be supplied as a solution or compounding  powder. Clearweld coatings are solvent-based materials which enable two pieces of plastic to be laser welded by efficiently converting Infrared (IR) and Near Infrared (NIR) laser energy to heat. Clearweld can be used on a wide range of plastic substrates and with a variety of colors, provided one of the substrates is laser-transmissive.

Clearweld additives are drop-in, easy-to-use materials for laser welding plastics. These resins also offer flexibility of color selection. This material can be compounded into a wide range of thermoplastic resins, PC, PMMA, PP, PS, COC, FEP, ABS, PSU and many more.  Additives are chosen for color, weld performance, and also for stability in a variety of plastic processing scenarios.

Learn more about how to coat and weld using Clearweld solutions or learn about how Clearweld can be compounded as a resin or injection molding with parts.

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Clearweld enables transmission near infrared laser welding with tubes and catheters for medical applications with the Clearweld biocompatible 100 and 900 solution series

Target Markets

Where Can Clearweld Be Used?

Clearweld can be used in a wide array of applications. Due to Clearweld’s approach to laser welding, a variety of products can be laser-welded, removing the need for unwanted adhesives or energy inefficient thermal welding processes. This means parts in markets such as automotive, medical, defense, optics, photovoltaics, and battery systems can be welded using methods that are dust free and which do not harm delicate electronics. Clearweld can weld parts with unique geometry, allowing new part form factors. Clearweld can be supplied as a solution or an additive for compounding. Learn more about how to coat and weld using Clearweld solutions or learn about how Clearweld can be compounded as a resin or injection molding with parts.

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